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Respond to messages received from WhatsApp instantly and standardized with Chat bot (Chat robot and automatic negotiation).

Ideal for SALES and MARKETING, this powerful self-answer tool in WhatsApp connects to Google’s artificial intelligence Dialogflow.com.

Install now, and leave your app selling until you’re sleeping!

Super Auto, autoresponder, auto reply and much more !!!

With WhatsBot ChatBot you can:

★ Create your own Chatbot (Talk) on WhatsApp;
Create your own autoresponder conversation bot;
★ It is easy and quick to use
★ No limit of questions and answers received in WhatsApp;
★ Send unlimited messages;
★ Customize with a huge variety of settings;
★ Work on Private Messages and Groups separately.
★ Connection to ARBot.co and Dialogflow.com, Google’s Artificial Intelligence. **
★ Ideal for working with digital marketing, sales, etc …
★ Pay only once a year;
★ Support for various Whats applications like WA Official, WA Business etc;
★ Respond to specific contacts or groups;
★ Ignore specific contacts or groups;
★ Set specific day and time to automatically activate and deactivate the Robot;
★ And many more …

🙂 This app is NOT fake. Try it!

👉 Our App is showing instability in the LG S Series, LG K8, K9 and K10, LEAGOO M8 and Moto G + devices. We are working to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding your understanding.

🤖 Chat with us by clicking on whatsbot.whatz.me
(you will be served by our Robot in Portuguese)

Check out our YouTube channel and see how simple it is to install:

This app is NOT related to WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

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